About Us

Every mouthful is made with love.

Anita and Ludovic met in France in 1987. They got married there, as well, in 1990.

After many years of pondering about having their own store front so that they can bake their fine French breads and pastries for all to enjoy, their dream has come true! They are also excited to offer meals that are healthy and delicious to their many fans.

What some people don’t know, is that Ludovic lost his brother to a massive heart attack in 2011. Ludovic wants to make people aware that healthy living is important, so that you can stick around to be there for your families and see your grand kids grow up! That is why Chefs Fight For Your Heart was founded by Ludovic, and that is why they do The Chef’s Table. Please enjoy the fine homemade foods in this store. Every mouthful is made with love.

Chef Ludovic Bezy graduated from Culinary Arts School in St.Dizier, France in 1986. He has worked in many different restaurants, catering services, and has training in breads and pastries from his time in France. He was Chef De Cuisine at Michele’s Restaurant and was at Dover Downs for 12 years. Ludovic is also a board member of the American Heart Association. Ludovic is also a local artist and does oil on canvas, sketching, and water colors.

Anita Wheeler-Bezy has her Associates Degree in Hospitality Management and is Marketing Director for Chef Ludovic and all of his projects. She is also Event Director for Chef Fight For Your Heart to Benefit the American Heart Association. She is French/ American and went to school in both countries. Anita was a volunteer for Civil Air Patrol at Dover AFB Squadron from 2009 to 2016. She is retired from the ophthalmology field after 21 years.